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It’s been 13 years since Aviator Gear launched by Cory Bower. He and his team have designed, manufactured, and supplied custom gear to hundreds of military units, training classes, and aerospace defense companies, like Lockheed Martin, Textron, and Boeing.


increase in Messenger Subscribers

Leveraged Octane AI to engage customers through Facebook Messenger.


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Messenger Marketing represents a new and innovative marketing channel for brands. Aviator Gear tested out Messenger and saw some initial success with it. So they partnered with MuteSix to drastically increase how Messenger Marketing is used.

With Octane AI, Aviator Gear is able to engage with their users in previously unheard of ways. With support from MuteSix, features like contests, automated support, product finders and more have helped Aviator Gear build their community of aviation fans and increase their sales.

"We are thrilled to partner with Octane AI and MuteSix. Both companies are leading the way forward to tap into the enormous potential of Messenger Marketing. We are excited about using the Messenger platform to have more relevant conversations with our customers and provide them on-demand information. Even though we are not on Shopify, the Octane AI custom integration was quick and easy for our developer."
- Cory Bower, Founder/President, Aviator Gear
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