Superfoods from the hive.

I wanted a product that fused science and nature in creating a pure and effective wellness remedy that really made a difference.


return on ad spend

Leveraged Octane AI to engage customers through Facebook Messenger.


increase in Average Order Value


Click-To-Messenger ads represent a new and innovative advertising channel for ecommerce merchants. Beekeeper's Naturals had been working with MuteSix and Octane AI for a while and decided to be one of the earliest testers for our new Messenger Ads features.

With Octane AI, Beekeeper's Naturals is now able to engage with their users in previously unheard of ways. With support from MuteSix, they're engaging with new and past website visitors who didn't make a purchase to convert them into paying customers through the power of conversational ads

"As a brand new marketing channel for us, we've seen great success on Messenger. Partnered up with Octane AI - we were able to see returns as high as 6x through leveraging click to messenger ads with our remarketing audience!"
- Carly Stein, CEO, Beekeeper's Naturals
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