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CordaRoy’s Originals has been in business since 1998, selling their patented beanbag beds and accessories. Founder Byron Young invented the convertible bean bag sleeping bed after needing a solution for hosting overnight guests for a Gator football game.


increase in revenue


return on ad spend


lower cost per action on the CordaRoy's website.


MuteSix created 2 Facebook video ads. One showed the step-by-step transformation of the chair into a bed and back again. Another extolled its fabric, durability and lifetime guarantee. Both used Facebook’s best practices for video: showing the brand name and product within 3 seconds and using text overlay, just in case customers have the sound off as they watch the videos. To develop a new customer base, the team used Facebook’s lookalike audience to reach people with characteristics similar to past purchasers. The team started by building a Custom Audience of people who had purchased its product in the US within the past 180 days, then created 3 lookalike audiences based on that, using 1%, 1–5%, and 5–10% likeness. The team also ran a remarketing campaign, using the same videos to capture the attention of people who had already visited the website within the past 180 days, or who liked or engaged with its Facebook Page.

“CordaRoy’s is growing at record pace and there’s absolutely no question what’s driving it: Facebook marketing. We’ve had to quadruple production since starting our Facebook campaigns and now we’re building a manufacturing plant in our town because of this!"
- Byron Young, Founder/CEO, CordaRoy’s
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