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CordaRoy’s Originals has been in business since 1998, selling their patented beanbag beds and accessories. Founder Byron Young invented the convertible bean bag sleeping bed after needing a solution for hosting overnight guests for a Gator football game.


return on adspend


increase in revenue


decrease in cost per acquisition


CordaRoy’s had been working with Cohley to generate relatable user generated content. For their Black Friday Facebook ad campaign, MuteSix turned images sourced by Cohley into eye-catching GIFs, carousels, and static ads. By leveraging the potent combination of Cohley and MuteSix, CordaRoy’s achieved a 9.6X ROAS, a 20% increase in revenue and a 39% decrease in cost per acquisition.

“CordaRoy’s is growing at record pace and there’s absolutely no question what’s driving it: Facebook marketing. We’ve had to quadruple production since starting our Facebook campaigns and now we’re building a manufacturing plant in our town because of this!"

- Bryan Young, Founder/CEO, CordaRoy’s
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