Spending ad dollars wisely with Facebook's campaign budget optimization.

Freebird is a platform, integrated with different rideshare services, that offers cash back and points on rides to restaurants, bars and other destinations a rider might want to visit using these ride hailing services. Customers receive the rewards when they hail rides to Freebird-partnered business through the Freebird app.


lower cost per install


lower cost per ride


increase in total number of installs


The ride-hailing reward app lowered its cost per install by 10% and increased the number of installs 12% by allowing Facebook to optimize its budget.

"I am very excited to have partnered with Facebook to test campaign budget optimization. We are all pleasantly surprised to see the results showing lower cost per installs, and significantly lower costs per new rider with campaign budget optimization. As a result of optimization, we were able to identify some of our top-performing audiences."
- Tanvi J. Gupta, User Acquisition Manager, Freebird
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