Encouraging people to try something new.

IfOnly is a marketplace for incredible experiences, providing access to a selection of unique adventures, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and exciting outings with local experts. People can bid in auctions for cool experiences or book them directly from the experts offering them.


of sales from Facebook ads attributed to dynamic ads


decrease in lifetime cost per purchase compared to other Facebook ads


decrease in cost per registration from Facebook ads


IfOnly partnered with marketing agency MuteSix to develop a tiered campaign that would drive site registrations and encourage people to purchase an experience online. The company focused this particular campaign in San Francisco, where most of its luminaries—the experts who offer these unique adventures—are based. First, the company created a custom audience from its list of current customers and then developed a lookalike audience based on them. IfOnly then targeted its carousel and link ads to this lookalike audience.

"We’re most excited about the automated nature of this dynamic ad setup, allowing us to be more hands-off. We’re also excited about the targeting, as it makes us look smart—I hear all of the time that people saw us on Facebook. We’ve had quite a few calls from partners that found us through Facebook ads."
- Katelyn Watson, VP of Marketing, IfOnly
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