The World's Most Comfortable Undies

MeUndies was created because the founders thought the way underwear was sold was boring and inconvenient. Today, MeUndies is changing the way people think about underwear by creating a unique and desirable design, product and online customer experience.


return on ad spend

Retargeting ads to underwear shoppers


lower cost per action than expected goal


MeUndies had placed a Facebook pixel on its website to track add-to-cart actions so it could then retarget ads to the people who started, but didn’t complete, purchases.

With help from MuteSix, the retailer used Custom Audiences to create 3 different target segments: people who added something to their carts within the last 7 days, between 8–14 days ago and between 15–30 days ago. MeUndies further segmented the campaign by national and international customers so it could reach people with the most appropriate offer. The company tested different ads and offers with domestic shoppers, but consistently encouraged international shoppers to buy more pairs to compensate for the cost of shipping.

"Facebook is an essential component of our marketing strategy. We’ve used Facebook and Instagram ads to acquire tons of new customers and build a relationship with them that goes beyond just being the company they buy underwear from. We plan to continue using Facebook to spearhead our aggressive customer acquisition goals."
- Dan King, Director of Marketing, MeUndies
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