The World's Most Comfortable Undies

MeUndies manufactures underwear and basic loungewear for men and women with a focus on comfort. The company, which was named one of Forbes Top 25 Most Innovative Consumer Brands for 2015, also offers matching his-and-hers underwear.


decrease in cost per purchase on Instagram


return on ad spend


decrease in cost per add-to-cart action on Instagram


For its Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, MeUndies launched a campaign that used dynamic ads in the carousel format to retarget people who had browsed the products on its website but had not yet completed a purchase.

Partnering with performance marketing agency Mutesix, MeUndies embedded a Facebook pixel on its website and optimized it for its view content and add to cart pages. This allowed the team to build a Custom Audience of people who had visited its website and either only viewed a product or added a product to the online shopping cart but later abandoned it.

MeUndies further segmented this audience based on when they had viewed or added products to the cart, as well as by US and international traffic.

Ad creative featured product shots of the items people expressed interest in on the MeUndies website, while two versions of ad copy were tested, with one using a Business Insider quote highlighting MeUndies as the most comfortable underwear in the market.

The two-day holiday campaign was a great success, earning the company a 5X return on ad spend. Instagram also outperformed its expectations, with 25% lower cost per purchase and 30% lower cost per add-to-cart action than other channels.

"They've (Mutesix) been a pleasure to work with and really have helped us with our success over the last year, in scaling our channel and really helping us with the attribution and strategy. Not only does the MuteSix team deliver results, but they've always been available, around the clock really, whenever something has come up and very timely in responding."
- Jonathan Shokrian, Founder, MeUndies
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