Agency helps clients increase sales with Facebook video ads.

Steve Weiss and Daniel Rutberg founded MuteSix in 2014. Focusing primarily on Facebook, the company became the “go-to” Facebook and Instagram advertising agency in Los Angeles. The agency has continued to grow and now helps clients from around the world.


increase in MuteSix’s team


increase in revenue


people hired from TV industry


MuteSix wanted to use what it had learned in previous campaigns to help its clients successfully achieve their sales and return on ad spend goals, specifically through video ads.

MuteSix showcased 3 very different brands with unique video ad campaigns that successfully increased their revenue and reduced their cost per purchase.

"Facebook has been an incredible partner in the success of our clients and the growth of our agency. There is no other marketing channel that touches people at all points in the customer journey the way Facebook does. Ultimately, Facebook is the best channel to get results for our clients in a fast-moving and highly competitive marketing landscape."

- Steve Weiss, CEO, MuteSix
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