Converting hockey fans into subscribers

A global leader in direct-to-consumer streaming technology, BAMTECH Media operates a growing portfolio of video subscription services, including NHL.TV. Fans can subscribe to NHL.TV to watch out-of-market hockey games live and on demand in pristine HD quality anytime they want on any supported device.




impression share on competitors’ keywords


more transactions with 2% fewer clicks


MuteSix used automated bid strategies, promotional ad copy, countdown customizers, and promotion extensions to highlight subscription price drops, resulting in a 25% increase in purchases. NHL.TV’s AdWords search ads targeted branded keywords, generic hockey searches, competitors’ names, and foreign language queries; and drove an 80% rise in impression share on competitors’ search terms.

"MuteSix is a stealth ninja Navy Seal team of paid marketers."

- Jon Wirt, Director of Marketing, NHL at BAMTECH

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