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Pair of Thieves is not your average basics brand selling socks and underwear. Rather, they strive to make basics a lot less basic and have built a memorable, enigmatic brand that defines and differentiates itself through humor and viral marketing.


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MuteSix dove right in to ensure that Pair of Thieves saw some early successes from their engagement. They know it’s important to show clients that they understand their goals and can help them achieve, or even exceed those goals very quickly. “We’re very performance-based, and so we focus on the bottom line.” Jason explained,  “Everybody’s bottom line is slightly different, but at the end of the day, it’s all about revenue. So all of our channels are really focused on maximizing that for our clients.”

In order to make sure those messages were seen by the right people at the right time, MuteSix had to ensure the Pair of Thieves team had the right tools in place to help them execute. One of the first things they did was migrate Pair of Thieves’ email marketing off of Mailchimp and onto Klaviyo. Klaviyo’s deep integration to Facebook Advertising allowed MuteSix to use the two channels side-by-side, and allowed them to play off of each other seamlessly.

“As a small startup, it would’ve taken us months if we hadn’t worked with MuteSix,” said Bert. “The team had ten years of experience and knew we should implement Klaviyo. There was tremendous value in working with someone who knows what tools to work with, has experience in the space, and can get things up and running very quickly.”
- Elbert Song, Head of E-Commerce, Pair of Thieves
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