Converting one-time buyers to subscription holders.

PURA D’OR naturally based hair care products are widely known for their restorative capabilities.


increase in subscription revenue YoY


increase in email revenue YoY


increase in highest month revenue


MuteSix worked closely with PURA D’OR marketing team in developing a strategy to rapidly increase revenues. The strategy involved converting one-time purchasers on to subscription purchasers on To make that strategy work, MuteSix recommended replacing the current ESP, which was limited in functionality and scalability, with a heavy-duty digital marketing solution that provides strong data segmentation and targeting capabilities along with a high degree of automation. MuteSix recommended Marketo. Just four months after replacing the ESP, nurture campaigns on both websites delivered exceptional results.

"Jason and his team accelerated our email initiatives, taking email from just an ‘extra’ tool to a core piece of our business model.”
- Sholom Gorowitz, CEO, Pura D'or and 2-Minute Club
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