Building solid holiday sales with Facebook lookalike audiences

Alabama-based Redline Steel is a veteran-owned company that sells an array of steel art for home décor. It sells indoor and outdoor products, including flags, faith-based and military-based memorabilia, and monogrammed nameplates for the front of the house. Redline’s designs can also be emblazoned on shirts or phone cases, or be custom-ordered.


higher return on ad spend compared to previous month.


increase in revenue compared to previous month.


increase in revenue, year over year


For Redline Steel, the fourth quarter of every year is all about holiday gifts. So the company worked with MuteSix, a digital ad agency, to get the most out of the end-of-year buying season. The team used consistent holiday-specific ad copy to emphasize the products’ gifting appeal. They made the messaging more urgent as the holiday grew closer to bring new customers to purchase and persuade loyal customers to spend a little more.

"Facebook’s wide range of ad products have allowed us to scale up our business dramatically. We are now launching into new products and have a 2-year projection of hiring over 150 local employees, thanks to Facebook’s capacity to drive such rapid growth for our brand."
- Colin Wayne, Founder/CEO, Redline Steel
Redline Steel

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