Smart Shopping campaigns bring scattered market together at scale for Redline Steel.

Redline Steel has exploded in size in the last three years, creating home decor made from attractive, modern materials. But with the competitive market for their unique, often bespoke products splintered across several small peer-to-peer marketplaces, Redline needed to shift customer awareness of their brand into overdrive while staying below a strict target cost per acquisition (CPA) figure. If successful, Redline hoped to scale up massively for the holidays.


increase in holiday revenue


decrease in CPA


scaling of ad spending


To unify their splintered market, Redline captured shopping intent at the source with Google Smart Shopping campaigns. They identified shoppers searching for keywords like “metal wall art,” and served them ads for matching products across Google Shopping, YouTube, and the Google Display Network, while automatically optimizing to their target CPA and return on ad spend (RoAS). On YouTube, Redline ran product-specific video ads with unique product pages just one click away.

"My business saw quick, tremendous growth using MuteSix best practices and new Google products like Smart Shopping and YouTube TrueView for action campaigns.”
- Colin Wayne, CEO, Redline Steel
Redline Steel

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