Dry Cleaning and Laundry. Delivered.

Founded in 2013, Rinse provides a variety of clothing care services to people in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. People request the service—which can include Dry Cleaning, Launder & Press, Wash & Fold, Hang Dry and/or a variety of other services—through the Rinse website, app or a text message.


decrease in cost per action


decrease in cost per click


increase in social engagement


To get the strongest results from its week-long campaign, Rinse, with the help of their agency, MuteSix, focused on finding the best-performing creative to deliver to the most appropriate audience.

Using A/B testing, the company determined a mix of lifestyle photos and screenshots of its app would be most effective. This strategy worked for Rinse in the past, and the company continues to test both its photo and its video ads.

To reach the right people with its ads, Rinse segmented its audience to target people aged 20-55 with a zip code in Los Angeles with ads different from those shown to people aged 20-55 with a zip code in San Francisco. Because the ads have a text component, Rinse decided to target only English-speaking individuals to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the ads.

The company also excluded people who had visited the Rinse website in the past, since this campaign was strictly for prospecting purposes.

Rinse set a manual bid, based on the statistical data it collected from earlier automatic bidding campaigns, and tracked the campaign using Facebook’s conversion tracking tools

“The new Instagram ad platform enabled us to tap into a new format in which people could engage more effectively with the advertisements while still maintaining a good user experience and positive associations with the brands running ads. The results have been very positive and we continue to use Instagram as an effective placement for all campaigns.”
- Elan Sher, Director of Facebook Advertising, MuteSix
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