Meet The World's First All-in-One Portable Razor.

Sphynx was founded to get women out of hairy situations—literally. The mini razor is portable and comes with a built-in spray bottle, moisturizing bar and two razors to make shaving easy.


lower cost per purchase

Getting Results with Instagram video


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As a new product, Sphynx wanted to attract new customers, so it partnered with digital ad agency MuteSix to help launch its brand on Instagram and Facebook.

The Sphynx team optimized its Instagram and Facebook ads for conversions, and set its standard event to purchases. Sphynx also set its bidding type to automatic so the ad system would deliver the ads to the people who were most likely to buy a portable razor, therefore yielding the best results.

The team created a video to show people the benefits of a portable razor. The Sphynx team then targeted this video ad to women aged 13–40 with interests in beauty, cosmetics and related media brands.

Sphynx quickly discovered that Instagram was not only delivering 8.2X more conversions than other platforms, but also at a 30% lower cost per purchase than other platforms. The launch campaign also provided the Sphynx team with a strong seed audience from which it can build and target a lookalike audience for future campaigns.

"Sphynx catapulted its growth by leveraging Instagram’s powerful targeting tools, and creating engaging content for the fun and curious Instagram girl."
- Leila Kashani, She-E-O, Sphynx
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