Proving the real value of retargeting conversions.

StackSocial is an online destination for discovering handpicked, modern technology and lifestyle products at great prices. It promotes its limited-time offers through a network of publishers and through social media.


of view-through conversions directly attributable to remarketing A/B test campaign


return on ad spend


increase in attributable sales


StackSocial and MuteSix ran a remarketing campaign on Facebook, creating an accompanying reporting framework that would help them understand how many “view-through” conversions—i.e. people who viewed an ad and didn’t click through, but who visited the website later—it could attribute back to this campaign.

The ads, designed by MuteSix, each promoted a product or service on sale at StackSocial and linked to the product’s web page. StackSocial installed a Facebook pixel on its website to automatically build a Custom Audience of website visitors to retarget on Facebook. The company also used a pixel to measure conversions.

"Facebook has been a huge boon to StackSocial, providing one of the only paid acquisition sources to generate a positive and scalable return on ad spend."
- Josh Payne, CEO, Stack Social
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