Increasing holiday subscriptions with Facebook

With $4,000 and a dream for international travel, Monique and Eli founded Universal Yums. The snack box company collects treats, goodies and candies from all over the world and packages them country by country for customers who want a taste of a foreign land. The boxes arrive monthly, with a 12-page educational booklet with fun facts about the host country, trivia, a recipe and music playlist.


lower cost per acquisition


increase in average daily sales during campaign, compared to the rest of the year


return on ad spend


Universal Yums engaged digital ad agency MuteSix for a 2-fold mission: to find new customers and to persuade longstanding customers to purchase its holiday package.

To find new customers, the team cast a wide net in the first phase of its campaign, serving a video ad to the entire US. To broaden the customer base still further in a second phase, the team served the same video ad to lookalike audiences based on people who responded to the first phase. Universal Yums also targeted its video ad to audiences with expressed food and snack interests.

To engage loyal customers, the team created Custom Audiences of customers who were already active on the Universal Yums site.

The ads, framed in snowflakes to evoke a holiday feel, captured people opening and enjoying their boxes. Some of the footage in the ads was created by customers, giving the videos an authentic vibe. The creative proved effective with new and old audiences alike.

"Facebook allowed us to reach a huge audience of potential customers, as well as people who had shown interest in the past but needed to be reminded of Universal Yums as a gift during the holidays. Our ads on Facebook propelled us to sell through all of our holiday snack boxes before Christmas!"
- Eli Zauner, Co-founder, Universal Yums
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