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Email Marketing and Messenger Sequences

MuteSix builds email marketing programs that work — from basic drip sequences to full marketing automation systems.

You've brought in new users through Facebook and Adwords...now it's time to make them loyal customers.

That’s where your email marketing program comes in — it’s the most effective platform for turning leads into revenue. MuteSix‘s email marketing team can help with every step of the process, including:

  • email copy
  • template design
  • integrating triggers
  • configuring campaigns
  • building matching/complementary Messenger sequences

We create marketing systems that turn prospects into customers and customers into loyalists.

Successful lifecycle marketing goes beyond mere drip sequences. It involves capturing leads, delivering messages, and presenting offers—all at the right time. We work with our clients to implement the most effective components of a modern lifecycle marketing system.


Email Marketing Campaigns

From newsletters to drips to holiday promos, MuteSix's email team has the creative, copywriting and strategy chops to create any campaign. 


Email Opt-ins & Pop-ups

More email addresses = more opportunities for revenue. The MuteSix email team builds opt-ins and pop-ups that convert while staying on-brand.

Messenger Sequences & Bots

Ready to really start cooking with gas? A well-crafted Messenger setup can take what you're doing with lifecycle marketing and scale it quickly.

How did PreHeels achieve 63% month-over-month list growth?

Email marketing campaigns are critical to converting new PreHeels customers, so the company understandably places a great deal of importance on growing its email list.

Working with MuteSix, PreHeels pursued a 4-month campaign prioritizing list growth to feed its email marketing machine.


Proven expertise with leading marketing tools

Our lifecycle marketing team has extensive experience using the best tools available for converting customers and increasing customer lifetime value (LTV).


Let's work together

It all starts with a friendly chat to discuss your current goals and strategy. Book a consultation today with one of our marketing experts.