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Facebook Page Engagement Custom Audiences

Facebook now allows you to build audiences based on interactions w/ your Facebook page. Here's how to integrate these options into your targeting strategy.

Episode Transcript — Facebook Page Engagement Custom Audiences

00:01 Stewart Anderson: Welcome back to the "Spend $10K a Day" podcast. I am Stewart Anderson. With me, my friend Steve Weiss, today. I'm talking to you about a new feature that Facebook has released: Facebook Page Engagement Custom Audiences. Steve, talk to me a little bit about what this new feature does. It sounds pretty exciting.

00:21 Steve Weiss: This is a new feature, the custom audiences, that didn't exist in the past. This is pretty amazing. So Facebook is now saying that you can create a custom audience around people who have engaged with your page, people who visited your page, people who engaged with a post or an ad, people who clicked any call-to-action button on your page, or any call-to-action button in an ad, people who sent messages to your page, people who saved your page, or any post, and/or saved the post. So now, Facebook is saying, "We're gonna allow you to build an audience around people who've engaged with you on Facebook." Before this, you couldn't build an audience. So think of this as like on-Facebook re-marketing. It's a good way to say... It's like on-Facebook re-marketing, which is really interesting because three or four weeks ago, this didn't exist. People are running so many ads right now to their page, and they have no way of harnessing those audiences of people who just look at the ads. You know?

01:19 SA: Yeah, absolutely.

01:20 SW: So this is incredible; I'm really excited. Also, you could do some cool stuff around durations. So it doesn't need to be just one day. You can have 365 days back of people who engage with their audience. So it now opens you up to do a lot more testing, and it gives you another tool in your toolset when it comes to custom audiences. And as you know, you have your website custom audiences, your email custom audiences, and now, you have your Facebook page post custom audiences.

01:50 SA: Yeah, and I like that it... Basically, it closes the loop on some stuff that have been in place for other channels before. Obviously, website custom audiences are huge. We use them extensively. They're very, very effective. They base... Targeting, obviously, off of what somebody's doing on your website or not doing on your website. Having the ability to say, "I wanna build these ads and I wanna go after people, for example, who are most likely to take actions on Facebook," which is want you want, and that kind of thing. You obviously want somebody to take a specific action on Facebook. You're not gonna go after those people, specifically. It makes ads a little bit more effective. And they add good additional qualifiers on other audiences you might be doing too. So if you wanted to target people who have this specific... This other quality that you're targeting, whether it's a WCA, whether it's interest targeting, whether it's whatever, a lookalike... Or not a lookalike in this case. But yeah, some other audience targeting you're using. You can also use these new audiences as a qualifier. It's scaled; that's pretty effective.

02:54 SW: Yeah, it's great for top of funnel. I think a lot of people have big audiences on Facebook. I know a lot of people who always ask me, they're like, "Steve, well, I have a million Facebook fans, but I can't get my ads working." [chuckle] "I don't have any website custom audiences 'cause these people aren't leaving Facebook. They're engaging with my page, but I have no clue. I had actually developed really good audiences around these people." And another thing you could do is, if you're a brand and you do a deal with an influencer, or other influencers, you could actually share these Facebook custom page post audiences between ad accounts. So if you're working with an influencer or a partner who has massive engagement on their page, now, you literally just say, "All right, I'm gonna share all those page post... All that page post audience with another ad account," and now, you have a... An audience is ready to go, that's ready to engage on that specific topic.

03:52 SA: Yeah, I think what's interesting about this, for me, is it kind of makes a lot of the organic social media activity on Facebook relevant again. And for a while, people have said it's essentially a paid channel. Organic is... You're gonna reach what you used to, you're not gonna have to pay to reach your followers. It kinda makes that organic activity a little bit more relevant again. It brings that into the fore. This is going to be a great tool for big brands that have large audiences on Facebook. If you have a lot of likes, it's gonna be a great tool.

04:26 SW: Yeah, and maybe even incentivize people to start driving engagement again. I remember, we don't run any campaigns or PPE campaign. We don't see any value in it. Facebook doesn't serve our ads to organic likes. So why do that, but maybe this could be a way to really start thinking about opening up those audiences again. But I think at the very least, this is another tool in your toolbox. Facebook is really working this year to make Facebook work for more and more advertisers at scale, maybe direct response, and I think you should... If you haven't already tested and played around with this, I think you need to test this out immediately 'cause this is gonna... I know we've already been on it, and we've seen some good results across a couple campaigns. Now, not game-changing, but the real key is, "How do I integrate this at scale?" So maybe we do a top of funnel campaign. We're spending a couple thousand dollars a day to get people to engage, and re-market another ad to them. You're always thinking the next step. Whenever Facebook comes out with new tool, you're always thinking about, "What is the next step? How do I integrate this tool at scale?"

05:33 SA: Yeah, I think this is... When I think of some successes we've had with the video re-marketing audiences, and how effective those can be when you structure that properly into your marketing funnel, I'm really excited to see what companies can do with this. And as you said, top of funnel is gonna be killer.

05:51 SW: Yeah, it's gonna be fun, it's gonna be fun. The New Year is gonna ring... You have to stay on top of it, of Facebook. I think we've all learned that what worked three weeks ago, doesn't work now. What's worked five days ago, doesn't work now and I encourage every single person to stay on top. Whether it's our podcast or other marketing podcast you really wanna stay on top of it. The ins and outs of what's going on on Facebook, we're investing a lot of our time to really share our learnings, and be able to share all these insights. And that's one thing I love for everyone to walk away with.

06:25 SA: Yeah.

06:27 SW: So that's pretty much my final thoughts on this topic. I highly recommend you test it out, and I'm gonna leave it at that.

06:36 SA: Yep. Well, thanks for joining us today on the podcast. We will see you again very soon.

06:40 SW: Yeah. Take care.

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