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How to Leverage Your Facebook Rep

Your Facebook rep can be your gatekeeper to treasures and's how to get the most out of your reps.

Episode Transcript — How to Leverage Your Facebook Rep

00:02 Steve Weiss: Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Spend $10K a Day Podcast. Today, we're gonna be discussing a really interesting topic. How to best leverage your Facebook rep.

00:14 Stewart Anderson: Oh, I know a lot of people are gonna be eagerly awaiting this information. [chuckle]

00:17 SW: So first off, I hope any of our friends at Facebook, hopefully they don't get mad at us for sharing details of how we work together, but this is a topic that everyone asks. Is there more untold value in having Facebook representation than not having Facebook representation? The first thing I would say is there is value in having a Facebook rep mainly because they give you access quickly to platform updates. They also are able to give you access to audiences which aren't available in Power Editor. That's been one of the main... [chuckle] The main value adds that we've had is that we've got access to specific audiences which a lot of other people don't have access to.

01:09 SA: Yeah.

01:09 SW: Which, in my opinion, Stewart, kind of an unfair advantage in a way, that we're getting access to some really good audiences.

01:17 SA: Yeah, the thing is, if you...Especially if you're spending a lot of money or if you're an agency that is bringing in a lot of clients onto the platform and spending money, naturally they're gonna want to keep you happy, but... As long as you... Even if you're not a big spender, even... As long as you forge a good relationship with your Facebook rep, treat them well, you stay on them, you're active with them, you show them that you're interested in the platform, especially if you're steadily increasing the amount of money that you spend on the platform, they're gonna work with you, they're gonna expose you to or give you access to new products.

01:49 SW: You said something interesting, treat them well. That's the number one priority.

01:52 SA: Number one.

01:52 SW: A lot of our Facebook team are super smart, super intelligent people, we work with over there, but they're really pulled in a lot of different directions and if something goes wrong with the platform, a lot of people love to scream and yell at the Facebook team. That's the wrong way to go about it. If they're working with you, they want you to be successful. They're gonna do anything in their power to push you to success. You have to put a lot of trust and respect into what they're doing on their side.

02:20 SA: Yeah. It's kind of weird to say this, but I can't understate how important it is to remember to be a nice person. Being a nice person can take you... Can go a lot of the way when you're trying to get just that one extra thing that means success for you. At the end of the day, when... Especially, as you said, when things go wrong, they're getting pulled in a lot of different directions because they have a lot of people that they need to take care of. And when things are good and when they have the opportunity to not only solve losses or fix losses or problems for people, when they have the ability to shower people [03:00] with wins, when they are opening up beta access for things, or they're giving you extra audience access, things like that, they're gonna remember the people who were patient with them, who worked with them, who understood that they might have been overwhelmed and they couldn't get to them immediately.

03:16 SW: Totally. They do a really good job of treating everyone kind of equally. The audience access thing, I think they give the same audiences to everyone. So if you reached out to them and you're given a rep, they try their best to make sure everyone gets the same access. Another thing is you get access to betas, which we get access to a lot of betas just from having good relationships and good representation there. Betas are a little overrated in my opinion. I think that... Everyone who asks us, everyone always asks us, "Steve, you guys have good Facebook rep, we want to access the betas." Well, there's no real beta that's gonna turn the world upside down.

03:56 SA: No.

04:00 SW: And I think that there's this preconceived notion that you need to have really good access to Facebook to be a good agency, and I don't think that's accurate. There's plenty of really good marketing teams and agencies and people who don't have access to Facebook reps for 24/7 but do an amazing job.

04:17 SA: Yeah. We have obviously very, very good access to Facebook, but I think our relationship with Facebook on that front is about 1% of the value proposition that we're providing to people, it's a very small component of it. You're exactly right that it's other stuff that really makes the difference. It's knowledge of the platform and how to use it. I think... I interact a lot with different reps at Facebook and one of the main things, one of the main points I would say when you're communicating and trying to get beta access, audiences, whatever it is that you want, is... And this goes along with being a nice person, is make their job as easy as possible. If you notice, when you get outreach from your rep and they say, "Hey, we have these betas open," or something like that, the first thing that they're gonna ask whenever you say, "Hey, I wanna get interest in that," is, "Alright, tell me about your company. Tell me about the clients that you're working with, who you want to include in this beta. Who do we need to give you access to?" So if you go in ahead of time, if you're asking about a specific beta, have clients lined up and say, "Hey," let's say your Facebook rep name is John, it's like, "Hey, John, reaching out regarding beta X or beta Y. These clients that I'm working with are really good fits and here's why."

05:37 SA: It makes their jobs a whole lot easier. You're gonna save yourself probably five or six emails back and forth, and they're gonna remember it as like, "Oh, man, these guys, they're really forthright with the information. It's easy to get what I need from them. I'm gonna definitely hit them up whenever there's any betas to open up 'cause they're gonna tell me immediately what I need to know." 'Cause the other side of the token for the reps as well is they... Part of their job when they're giving beta access out is they need to have the right clients inserted, or the right advertisers inserted into those betas to fulfill what that product team wants, which is quality feedback and a lot of data. The product team wants to know that, "Hey, for the intended type of advertiser that this beta is supposed to be used for, we got a lot of data back and we got these exact types of advertisers advertising using this beta." That's really important.

06:31 SW: Another thing is, another way we leverage our Facebook team is from a client's perspective obviously. That's probably the biggest value, is compliance. You wanna know or have confidence that whatever you're doing on the ad side is not a policy violation. We've got some really good feedback from them on a number of policy-related issues on how we could continuously stay within Facebook's guidelines. Well yeah, short... Quick, short recap: Best ways to leverage your Facebook representation, number one, new platform updates, changes, just anything you needed... You need to be aware of to continuously be successful in the platform. Number two, access to betas that might be beneficial to what you're working on, whether you're an agency or whether you are an e-commerce shop. There's some value in there. Number three, sometimes they'll pull audiences for you that they think will work to your specific product you're selling. We haven't had tons of success with that. I would say I guess a little bit of success, but they'll do that for you. Time and time, they've been very good to us and they'll do that. Number four, ad policy for clients. And Stewart, what's the last one? Did I cover it?

07:52 SA: I think we're good.

07:53 SW: Yup. And so that's the main four values that we get. I think overall, keeping your eyes on what's going on in our organization is very important because it changes so rapidly. And the only reason why I like having representation, because it's almost like keeping my ear on what's buzzing over there. So I feel like it's very important, but we've had nothing but amazing rapport with Facebook. I really enjoy working with them. They've been amazing to us. Nothing really negative I can say, in my experience. I heard some people say negative things, but we've been very fortunate to have some amazing people representing them.

08:33 SA: Yeah, agreed. And I think if there's ever one understatement we can make at MuteSix is the MuteSix team loves Facebook.

08:42 SW: [chuckle] Yup.

08:44 SA: [chuckle] We love Facebook. See... And remember, just keep your reps happy, be nice. Treat them like you would any other human being ideally, and they will reward you in kind.

08:58 SW: Yup, sounds good. Well, thanks for tuning in today. Stay tuned.

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