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Facebook Ads For Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are HOT right now...and may even sink Snapchat. Facebook has introduced ads to the Story experience - what's the best way to use them?

Episode Transcript — Facebook Ads For Instagram Stories

00:01 Stewart Anderson: Welcome back to the Spend $10K a Day podcast. Today we're talking about Facebook ads for the new Instagram stories. They are available, you can create them.

00:12 Steve Weiss: Yep. Yeah, so Facebook recently opened up the Instagram stories to Facebook ad advertisers. This is kind of big and kind of not so big. What you need to know about Instagram stories is that you can't actually create conversion objectives, conversions from the Instagram stories yet. It's mainly for brand advertisers who want top of the funnel brand recognition on Instagram. But what you can do is, you have your attribution set up, so you can actually start driving top of funnel users to be re-marketed with ads down funnel. A lot of people are wondering what is the impact of Instagram stories on the full funnel? Well, I think it's mainly gonna be for brand. It's mainly to reach new eyeballs to be re-marketed to.

01:00 SA: Yeah, similar to the way that Instagram stories is Facebook's response to Snapchat in general. This advertising is pretty similar to Snapchat's, where it's really only...You can only do so much with it but it is build for the top of funnel traffic.

01:15 SW: Yep. So remember, you can only have images and you can only have videos, 15 seconds or less in the Instagram stories. There's no link outs, no text, none of that. It's essentially just brand advertising, at it's finest. And if you wanna reach the younger demographic, a younger audience, the people who you most likely won't be able to reach on your Facebook ads or even people you won't be able to actually cultivate on your regular Instagram ads. That's what I think Instagram story is for. I think eventually they might split test rolling out click conversions and still have the Instagram stories, but I think for right now, it's just gonna be focused specifically around brand. Brand, brand, brand.

02:00 SA: Yeah, it makes sense too. Facebook has so many direct response tools and you can obviously incorporate this into a DR funnel that you're building. But, it's a really engaging part of Instagram's platform. And I think Facebook would be, not only from a user experience standpoint, it would be difficult to make it similar to other ad types, but I think it makes sense to encourage advertisers to create content that is similar to what people would see in a story. It's engaging stuff, it's not made to sell something.

02:30 SW: Yeah remember, the Instagram story needs to look very similar to the Instagram ad. So try and make that kind of connection between the Instagram ad and the Facebook ad. Try and make it look native. I would give advice to almost all the new Instagram stories people is to try and make the story look very native to the content that you're currently producing on Instagram. Don't try and do anything crazy or outside the box. Just try and focus it on looking very similar to your Instagram feed.

03:02 SA: Yeah. Would you do something that's maybe... How would you differ it... If you're advertising to people who are let's say following you on Instagram, or if it's something where they already have kind of a connection to you, versus completely cold traffic?

03:24 SW: I think you can do a combination of both. I don't know how it's gonna reply to cold traffic. I know personally, if I saw someone really weird pop up in my Instagram stories, I'm gonna be like "Wow, that's interesting, I never saw you before." I actually think cold traffic could work just as good as remarketing. I think that people are flipping through Instagram stories and all of a sudden, they see something disruptive, something interesting pop up in their story, they're gonna be highly likely motivated to research it more. I think that, if you can tell your story of your brand in a very simplistic way that's disrupting whatever... Disrupting the thing you're in the news feed... Disrupting the user in the Instagram feed. I would focus on that. How could you disrupt the user on the Instagram news feed, in a meaningful way?

04:12 SA: Yeah. Thinking bigger picture: How much impact do you see this having? In my opinion, what I see for this is, I think Instagram stories are huge. It really is a big step that Facebook is taking to meaningfully fight back against Snapchat and try to take away whatever market share Snapchat has kinda gotten on the user standpoint. But I see this as being useful, but not necessarily game-changing.

04:42 SW: I don't think it's game-changing. I think that it's another tool for direct response advertisers. I think that as a direct response advertiser, I'm continuously focused on bringing new users into my funnel. When I say funnel, coming to my website, watching my videos. I know that the only way I'm going to be able to scale profitably on Facebook is if I have a large set of users who are aware of me and who convert down funnel. And I think Instagram stories is gonna allow you to really start getting those new users into your funnel. Remember, there's a specific demographic of users that are looking at Instagram stories. There's a specific demographic of users that are looking at regular Instagram feed. And I think what you're gonna see is, you're gonna reach new users. Which if I can reach new users who've never engaged with me, in my demographic. That's awesome. It just came out recently, so let me preface, jump on it right away, start testing, start playing around with it because as more and more brand advertisers get focused on it, they're gonna be leveraging it too and I think there's a shelf life to making everything work.

05:44 SA: Yeah, absolutely. Anytime you can jump on some of that artificially deflated ad pricing, it's a good idea. You wanna get in the before everybody starts advertising.

05:54 SW: Get in there before the fun is over.

05:57 SA: Just like Instagram when it first launched ads. Those first few months were kind of a gold rush for people.

06:03 SW: Totally. Totally agree.

06:05 SA: So yes, that's I think. That's a brief overview of what's available now with Instagram stories. Some of the ads are gonna be available to run through that. It might not be a game changer, but it's definitely worth testing. Especially if you have an engaging brand. You can tell a story in a quick ad on a sponsored story that would be...

06:25 SW: It's a huge win.

06:25 SA: It's a huge win.

06:26 SW: Monumental win. If you could leverage this to draw new users in a less expensive format. You'll see your CPAs that you're remarketing, the DPA go down. That's kind of, as a Facebook marketer, that's what I'm looking for. I'm looking for ways I could drive new users, very cheap and expensive who are highly engaged into my funnel. And this is... I suggest testing this out right away... I think it's only gonna get better as Facebook starts getting data on advertisers. I'm excited and we're testing it out on almost everyone we're working with right now.

07:00 SA: Sounds good, yeah. Big opportunity. Well, that's been today's episode of the Spend $10K a Day podcast. We're gonna be back soon with some more content. Until next time, I'm Stewart Anderson.

07:10 SW: Yeah, I'm Steve Weiss and we'll talk to you soon. Thank you.

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