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Facebook Messenger Ads

Let's talk Facebook Messenger Ads! How they work, why you should use them, how to get started...we've got you covered.

Episode Transcript — Facebook Messenger Ads

00:01 Stewart Anderson: Welcome back to the Spend $10K a Day Podcast. Today, a big topic: Messenger Ads. Steve, talk to us about Facebook Messenger Ads, what they are, what they can do, and why you should use them.

00:12 Steve Weiss: So Facebook Messenger Ads are a new component to Facebook. Obviously, Facebook has another app on the App Store called Messenger. Messenger has over a billion downloads and is one of the most popular chat apps out there. So Facebook is reinventing the way companies monetize Messenger. And this is a new thing, so there's... What's to know about Messenger? Number one, you can only run Facebook Messenger Ads on Facebook; so Facebook desktop, Facebook mobile. There's two types of conversion objectives and ways to run Messenger Ads. You could run Messenger Ads as what you call a destination, where literally it will show up on your Newsfeed. Let's say that, "Learn more about traveling to Africa," as an example, so it could be an ad. So someone will actually click that, and the call to action would be "send a message" or "learn more", and it will automatically open up a Messenger Ad. And in that case, now you have a person automatically speaking to that person one-to-one to try and either sell that person to a phone call, sell that person a package, etcetera, etcetera. So if you're gonna run Messenger Ads, one thing you really want to understand, you gotta have customer support reps or customer service reps ready to go who could actually interact with people on Messenger Ads.

01:33 SW: Messenger Ads is great for lead generation. You have a high ticket, high price, high-yielding product. You have, specifically, customer service reps who are very knowledgeable with that one specific product. You wanna chat with as many people as possible, so you run a Messenger Ad to generate leads for a specific product or run that Messenger Ad atop a funnel on desktop and mobile, and you'll drive new people to actually ask questions and inquire about your product.

02:00 SA: Yeah, it's really great for just bridging the gap on some of these parts that haven't always worked traditionally, as well. Things that... You now have an education process or a little bit of a sales process that people have a lot of questions about. You have a really good point that enabling them to open up a chat window and actually talk to you, it really helps drive people down the funnel for products that haven't been as suitable to Facebook Ads before as they are now. So it's a good fit.

02:27 SW: Also it allows you to control the customer journey, in a sense. You actually are able to actually push people into specific areas of your funnel. Just from talking to them on Messenger Ads... You're right... I'm excited about... What we've been doing is running Messenger Ads mainly for research. We wanted to understand how people respond to different advertisements, different videos. I use Messenger Ads now on my campaigns just for research and understanding, for literally crafting videos, helping us craft a video strategy for a new product launch. You can run Messenger Ads to just ask people questions about specific products, that's it. It's pretty cool how now you could actually engage directly with Facebook users in a very unique way, leveraging Messenger Ads. The second type of way that you could use Messenger Ads is kind of very similar to how Google does sponsored ads in Gmail, based on user search preferences, what they're searching for, what they like, or people within your local audience. You can now target sponsored messages to them inside of Facebook Messenger. So this looks like this is actually a message and you're reaching out to people in your audience, and it just comes up straight up as a sponsored message.

03:40 SA: Love that, yeah. The key there is obviously they have to have engaged with you previously to get that sponsored message.

03:46 SW: Yeah. They have to have engaged with you, either your page or commented on an ad in the past. I'm pretty sure it works if they've commented or liked both your page, as well as ads. But yeah, this is... Facebook's really trying to give people access directly to advertisers in a very one-to-one way. I think the sponsored messages, I'm kinda less excited about because that's been around for a long time, especially on Google. So people don't like getting sponsored messages. There's no real purchase intent there. But what I'm really excited about is the first one, is what we call the destination ad, where you could literally run ads to get people into a chat, which is just awesome in so many different ways, especially customer research. Let's say you wanna do hardcore direct response and drive people. We've tested out driving people to a phone number to order a product from a call center, we've played around that for different types of lead generation campaigns. Messenger Ads work amazingly well for lead generation campaigns.

04:48 SA: Yeah, anytime where you can create that one-on-one connection, it's huge 'cause then, once you have somebody in a chat, you can message them... If you can't make a sell there, then...

05:00 SW: Yeah, if you're talking directly to the person and you can't... And you're struggling to actually get them to buy your product one-to-one, then maybe you should look into marketing a different product.

05:09 SA: Yeah, 100%.

05:10 SW: But Messenger Ads are growing. I think that Facebook is really learning how to leverage Messenger and how to allow advertisers to leverage Messenger. Highly recommend you start testing out both the destination ads as well as the sponsored messages ads inside of Messenger. Obviously, this is a prerequisite to what's gonna happen next, which is gonna be WhatsApp Ads. You can automatically assume that if they make Messenger work, and it's... The ad system's working in a way that's not infringing on user privacy and it's not hurting retention, they're gonna open up the same ad system to WhatsApp, and you have even quadrupled the inventory. But highly recommend you test out Messenger Ads almost immediately. Facebook's still iterating on the Messenger Ads product. We've seen some bits and pieces of success. I wouldn't say it's been a home-run for us yet, but we're consistently trying to figure it out.

06:01 SA: Yeah. This is a very, very different type of ad than what Facebook has done previously. So gotta work out all the kinks, but there's an opportunity and it speaks to one of the things we always say: If there's a new Facebook ad unit out, or relatively new Facebook ad unit, you always wanna jump in, try it, 'cause Facebook wants people to use it and they're gonna keep the costs a little bit lower.

06:23 SW: Yup. Exactly. You wanna get that winning impression share. You wanna get as much impressions as possible for the least amount of money. And during Facebook's initial research processes, they want advertisers to test out their new ad techs. So hit it hard. We're gonna have more Messenger Ads in the future as we get more data, but I just wanted to create this episode so people have the basic understanding of how to leverage messenger ads.

06:46 SA: Sounds great. Well, this has been a little primer on Facebook Messenger Ads. We're gonna have more great content coming up soon on the podcast. We will see you next time.

06:55 SW: Coming up. One other thing, coming up next couple of podcasts is we're gonna be explaining Shoppable Instagram. I'm sure you've heard that word multiple times, the word "Shoppable Instagram", we're gonna be discussing that at length in the next podcast.

07:10 SA: We will see you then.

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