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Shoppable Instagram

Shoppable Instagram will be every ecommerce business's favorite feature when it rolls out. What is it and why should your business use it as soon as possible?

Episode Transcript — Shoppable Instagram[music]

00:00 Announcer: You're listening to the "Spend 10K A Day" podcast, brought to you by the performance marketing experts at MuteSix. This is your source for cutting edge insight into the world of online advertising from the team with more Facebook case studies in 2016 than any other agency on the planet. Here are your hosts, Steve Weiss and Stewart Anderson.

00:24 Stewart Anderson: Welcome back to the "Spend 10K A Day" podcast, Stewart Anderson here with Steve Weiss. Today, we're talking something very exciting: Shoppable Instagram. Can it be a game changer?

00:35 Steve Weiss: Yeah, I'm sure you've heard that word multiple times, the words "Shoppable Instagram". You probably heard it coming and whether it's from your Facebook reps, whether it's from other people on Instagram and this podcast, I just wanna talk about, what does Shoppable Instagram mean, and what is the future of actually shopping on Instagram? And I think what's really interesting about what Facebook wants, is Facebook wants to catalogue every single product, every single image that gets uploaded into Instagram, I think that's been their goal ever since they started, they wanna be able to connect that shopping experience. And the word "Shoppable Instagram" isn't just about from an ads perspective, it's about from a full product perspective. Facebook wants to catalogue all the products, everything going on in e-commerce.

01:24 SA: Yeah. It's gonna be big. I'm really excited about it.

01:31 SW: Pretty much what Shoppable Instagram means is, Facebook wants you to upload your product feed into Facebook, to allow Facebook to match your Instagram products to your product feed, then actually link them directly to the website to buy. When you upload your product feed, usually you're thinking about ads, you're thinking about dynamic products ads, you're thinking about all the different types of dynamic ad tools that you could run. Well, Shoppable Instagram is a different way to think about it. Shoppable Instagram is around literally uploading your product feed and telling Instagram, AKA Facebook, to match what you're uploading to whatever products you have in your store, which will then in essence turn it into a link and allow you to link directly back to your store, which obviously, the hope of many is to generate as much inbound sales as possible without having to spend money on ads.

02:19 SA: Yeah, I think it's huge also just because one of the logistical challenges of doing, especially, direct response marketing on Instagram before is you had to link in bio and all that kinda thing, like getting something that people can click on and go to from an Instagram post or from your profile, it's been... It's just not been the focus of Instagram yet, so having something like this where it makes it easy for somebody to go from a post to buying something, really, really great.

02:48 SW: Yes, it's really interesting 'cause you can automatically assume they're gonna roll this out in other devices, obviously. You always wanna think a little bit ahead of the product team and what they're trying to get at. And not to say that this is gonna happen, but eventually, Facebook search, I think, will grow immensely. I think people are searching for something on Instagram automatically, product feeds will come up. And everything now is based around a product feed. Feed Facebook products to market both organically as well as in paid, and I think just understanding what... Facebook wants to create a very simplistic platform where the users see something organically, whether it's an ad or an organic post, it automatically turns into a link.

03:32 SA: Yeah, I think the search point that you brought up, spot on. I think, especially for Instagram, the importance of doing like hashtag research, now it's gonna take on a whole other dynamic too 'cause it's not just about, "Okay, what hashtags am I gonna include to try and maximize engagement here?" It's like, "What hashtags can I include that make this stand out in a potential search and get people to buy?" Like, "How am I gonna get this in front of the people that wanna buy?" It's gonna be really, really important. But there's a huge opportunity for anybody who's using Instagram to grow a brand, 'cause now in the process of growing a brand and doing the storytelling aspect of marketing, you can turn any of that really into a DR opportunity 'cause you're gonna be able to sell directly from a post.

04:15 SW: Yeah, which a lot of people are very good at organic and content creation. We know a lot of companies we work with that are amazing at that area whereas, I think we're more focused on the pay side, but now, you're actually... People that are good at organic content creation are now getting rewarded with the ability to actually sell products through their content on Instagram, and I feel like the Instagram team is making a big push to bring great content providers to the platform for this main reason.

04:42 SA: Yeah. Yeah, I think it's gonna be huge. I just need to see how this will work, if you're an influencer or something like that. Can you do something creative with the product feed potentially where you're mocking up a product feed of products that you work with, you had a developer build some little custom product feed for you?

05:03 SW: I think influencers eventually are gonna have all their own stores. That's what I envision if you're an influencer that you have influence over a large swap of people and you could induce purchases from them of certain products based on your recommendation. It's not gonna make any more sense for you to actually link out to other stores, you're gonna wanna focus building your own store, your own e-commerce revenue, so... I don't know, it's really interesting. Stay tuned. We're gonna be following Shoppable Instagram. It's not out yet. It's gonna be coming out over the next couple of weeks, but we're gonna keep reporting live on it, sharing everything that we learn about it with the masses and hopefully, you can leverage what we learn and help grow your business. 'Cause that's what this podcast is all about. We just wanna share what we learn with the world when it comes to Facebook and social paid advertising.

05:55 SA: Sounds good, yeah. Lots of good things coming from Facebook, Shoppable Instagram, big opportunity. We will see you next time on "Spend 10K A Day" podcast.

06:05 SW: Yep. Thank you.

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