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Facebook Product Feeds

Product feeds are ESSENTIAL for ecommerce companies looking to get the best results with Facebook ads. In this episode, we discuss the best ways to use them.

Episode Transcript — Facebook Product Feeds

00:01 Stewart Anderson: Welcome back to the Spend $10K Day podcast. Today we're talking about product feeds. Steve, talk to us a little bit about what's going on with product feeds on Facebook.

00:12 Steve Weiss: So just to take a step back a little bit, there's two main areas that Facebook seems to be evolving most from an advertising technology perspective. After meeting with our Facebook team last week, we had a long discussion about what's evolving at the quickest rate as far as the technology goes, and that's number one, mobile video, obviously. We've had a numerous amount of discussion about the evolution of mobile video, square videos, obviously mobile. Just growing at a rapid, rapid pace. But number two, product feeds. Originally you'd export all your product feeds into a feed, and then you'd upload that feed into Facebook, and then you let Facebook dynamically create ads or carousels of products that a user's most likely to purchase based on their prior user behavior. Which is great, that's amazing.

01:04 SA: 100%.

01:05 SW: But now it's changing, the game is changing and so the product feed game is changing. Now companies are really getting strategic with their product feeds. Number one, what we've been testing out and what's working really well is taking user-generated content and actually building feeds off of user generated content. AKA your Instagram feed, AKA other forms of user-generated content that you could build feeds off of.

01:30 SA: More engaging types of images. It's the kind of stuff that people are gonna interact with more or find more value in. And there's some apps I think as well that, depending on what economic platform you're using, it makes implementing those images in the feed much easier.

01:43 SW: Yes, just remember, the feed that you build off your shop by store, if you have multiple SKUs, is most likely gonna be just the basic merchandising images. They're not actually advertising images, they don't have actual sales copies, it's just exporting however it looks and telling Facebook, "Go Facebook, create dynamic ads using this feed." Well, what I told you, you could actually edit that feed and actually implement user-generated content. There's two main tools that we've used in the past which are amazing for this, number one, Pixlee, P-I-X-L-E-E. Great tool for arrogating user-generated content and turning it to a feed. Then number two, if you're a Shopify site, we use tool called Snappic, S-N-A-P-P-I-C. I've mentioned them on previous podcasts, they do an amazing job of turning your Instagram into an actual product for you that you can upload into Facebook.

02:36 SA: Yeah, definitely, anything you do to make it easier 'cause obviously if you have a big catalogue especially, using a tool to help manage all those images and what you're testing, really, really important. You don't wanna manually manage images for thousands and thousand of products.

02:52 SW: Exactly, and another thing you can do, there's other tools like Feednomics and couple of these others shopping feed management tools that allow you to actually build very customizable feeds. So instead of uploading your whole product feed and running edge, you could upload maybe 10 or 20 products, or you can starting editing those feeds in Excel and actually just start editing the text around those feeds. 'Cause remember, this isn't sales text that Facebook is building off of, so you could actually go in Excel and export a feed from like a Feednomics, or you can even do it inside of Feednomics where you can actually start playing around with the text and making it more sales copy type stuff. The key is is that having someone on your team who's really good at cutting up shopping feeds and understanding how to actually build customized feeds for Facebook is the future in the evolution of shopping feeds on Facebook.

03:44 SA: Definitely, definitely. So if I'm a store owner right now Steve, we've talked about a lot of the cool things that are going on right now. Prioritization, what are the three things I should be doing? I'm already running DPA ads, I have a product feed built. What are the first three things I should be doing ahead of some of the changes that are coming or with all these new tools?

04:02 SW: I think you should start looking into a Pixlee or a Snappic and start taking some of your user-generated content and turning 'em into feeds. I think you should start playing around with your feeds and start actually editing the copy in your feeds and re-uploading it on a daily basis. I think that understanding how to edit and build feeds, custom feeds, for Facebook is nine tenths of the game. I would have someone either on your team or someone outsourced who just really can kinda crunch together... Mix and match your feed and start running customizable ads along that feed. Also, the feed works really well with Facebook collection ads.

04:41 SA: Yeah, were doing an upcoming podcast on that.

04:42 SW: Yep, the next podcast is actually gonna be around Facebook collection ads. Good plug for the future. The bigger picture is I wanna empower people to really understand shopping feeds and how they work 'cause they're rapidly, rapidly evolving. And if you're gonna be a next level Facebook marketer, I think you really have to become good at shopping feeds.

05:04 SA: 100%. Well yeah, this has been a pretty good primer on some of the latest stuff going on with shopping feeds. As Steve mentioned, we're doing our next podcast episode on collection ads. It's something that is a pretty new feature, but it's already doing very, very well and it's very customizable. I think it's gonna play a big part of ecommerce marketing on Facebook going forward. So stay tuned, we got a lot...

05:24 SW: One other thing about feeds that I wanna mention is that eventually, Facebook is gonna allow you to market shopping feeds to new audience members and new customers. Right now most of the time shopping feeds are based around remarketing audiences. Very soon you're gonna be able to market your shopping feeds or your dynamics ads to people who've never engaged with you before. It's gonna be really interesting.

05:46 SA: I think the dynamics ads for prospecting right now, I think it's only available to certain advertisers in a beta stage. I think it's pretty wide beta, but it's not fully available yet last time we checked. But yeah, definitely keep an eye out for that and again, next episode is gonna be on Facebook collection ads which incorporate product feeds. So stay tuned for more great Facebook and ecommerce content.

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