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Facebook Collection Ads

Facebook Collection Ads add some extra power to your traditional Facebook ads. If you're an ecommerce business, you need to start using them NOW.

Episode Transcript — Facebook Collection Ads

00:01 Stewart Anderson: Welcome back to the Spend 10K a Day podcast. I'm Stewart Anderson with Steve Weiss today. We're gonna be talking about...

00:08 Steve Weiss: Facebook collection ads.

00:10 SA: That's right.

00:11 SW: This is a new type of ad unit that just was released, I would say, a month, month and a half, two months ago now.

00:17 SA: Yeah, it hasn't been around for very long.

00:19 SW: Yep, so this is another aim toward making mobile commerce a lot more easy and simplistic. So Facebook collection ads, they're for e-commerce sites that have multiple SKUs and it's only available on a mobile platform.

00:33 SA: Yeah, and Facebook only too. It's not available on Instagram yet.

00:36 SW: Not available on Instagram, just Facebook mobile. Some cool parts about the Facebook collection ads, you get to upload a video and then you can select four products underneath that video. And then if you click on the video, it actually opens up a plethora of products that Facebook picks out of your product catalogue that that user's most likely to buy. So it's a really seamless... We've been testing it out, probably the last... Since it came out, probably a month and a half ago. We've seen some amazing results on mobile, just from a CTR perspective of people... 'Cause people aren't used to this new ad spec, so they're really curious when they see a video playing and they see four products underneath the video.

01:16 SA: Yeah, it's really cool and it's been... The ad itself, where you can create just a dedicated ad is fairly new, it's been around on the organic post side for a little bit, but still now with the ability to do an ad, 'cause now if you're storyboarding out, you're creating a video, you're running something top of funnel or mid-funnel you can at least start having people associate it in their minds what they're seeing in this ad with certain products.

01:39 SW: The actual product. The key here is taking a video, and then showing products that fit that video underneath the video. It's almost like a little bit of a landing page inside of Facebook that you could create.

01:51 SA: 100%.

01:53 SW: It's a new experience, people can engage with the experience a lot easier on mobile than any other ad spec. I love it. It's not just the video, you're not just being thrown into a website, you're seeing a video, then you're being served specific products based on your video watching of the video.

02:09 SA: Yeah, I think it helps qualify it a little bit more too. If you're building some pretty tight video for your marketing audiences, somebody now, if they start seeing a video that might be engaging to them, if they see that it's for a product that they're not gonna have any interest in, they're probably not going to watch the rest of the video. They'll be like, "I don't really have use for that." So it's gonna make those audiences better, 'cause it's gonna be more targeted.

02:28 SW: Totally. Also you can run different conversion objectives with this ad, you could also run conversion objective video views. You can run conversion objective conversions, sales, you have a lot of different options with this ad unit, and it's brand new. So your users are not used to seeing this type of ad unit on the newsfeed, which is also a big plus. So, highly recommend that you jump on Facebook collection ads immediately if you're an e-commerce site with multiple SKUs, just because it's brand new and Facebook wants to get a lot of data off it. And also it's engaging, I think that people are gonna really appreciate not seeing banner numbness to seeing the same image that you're creating.

03:05 SA: Yeah, I think that's a really, really big thing. I also just... In my own opinion, the ads look good. They're very attractive units, they're engaging, they actually look... They look good. But you bring up a really good point about banner blindness, and people just getting creative tiring out after a while. Here now, the actual product images and things like that'll be in that fourth thing below, and you can test which products gonna be best, you can figure out which ones are the best ones to use. But you can actually use a dedicated piece of really story telling, engaging, creative at the top and worry about communicating the products below that. It's really great for keeping creative fresh, not having to worry about overselling something.

03:51 SW: Yep. Great for branding. Also we've tested our running brand awareness ads with this type of ad spec, so we have a lot of flexibility with this. I think just another tool in the tool shed to make your campaigns profitable on Facebook.

04:04 SA: Yeah, it's something that any e-commerce company should be trying ASAP, as long as you have more than a few products.

04:13 SW: Cool. Well, that's Facebook collection ads. We'll report back with some more data on this, we're still running campaigns with collection ads. So when we come up with new stuff, we'll definitely share it with you guys. But I appreciate everyone listening on today's podcast. This is just a really interesting tool that I'm super excited that Facebook's finally innovating on the ads side, which I think is what's really needed, creating this unique ad experience.

04:41 SA: Yeah, definitely, this is a very... I think this is one of their more unique ad units that's out there. Really, really great.

04:48 SW: Okay, cool. I think that's pretty much it on collection ads. We have a lot of stuff coming up in the near future. We're gonna do a podcast on look-a-likes, some more look-a-like targeting insights that we're learning. We're gonna have a case study podcast in the coming weeks. We're gonna be interviewing a couple amazing Shopify apps that we've been using. We have some awesome people joining our podcast who've developed some really cool Shopify apps to help with conversions. Our podcast, we're becoming a little bit more focused on bringing other types of Facebook value to the table, I think we're gonna get more into Shopify, really researching Shopify apps that help with conversion rate optimization. So over the next couple of weeks you're gonna start seeing a lot more diversity of content from us, of really just sharing the insight of what we're learning.

05:38 SA: Yeah. Part of what we do when we are making Facebook campaigns as successful as possible is on-page optimization, making sure that the e-commerce experience when somebody clicks from an ad is really, really good. So, stay tuned for more great content.

05:52 SW: Yeah, take care.

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