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Facebook Delivery Insights

Facebook's new Delivery Insights feature is the diagnostic tool you've always wanted for your problematic campaigns.

Episode Transcript — Facebook Delivery Insights

00:01 Stewart Anderson: Welcome back to the Spend $10K A Day Podcast. I'm Stewart Anderson, with me, Steve Weiss. Steve, tell me a little bit about today's topic, Facebook Delivery Insights.

00:12 Steve Weiss: Yeah, so Facebook Delivery Insights is a tool that Facebook released about six months ago, to cure the pain point of many online advertisers, who wanna understand why there is a down tick in their Facebook ads, why is delivery being hampered, how their ad sets are comparing to other ad sets. This is Facebook's solution to really understand, how your ads are functioning during the auction. It's a really interesting tool. I know we've been using it a lot just to analyze our ads. Some of the really cool features that I like about Facebook new Delivery Insights Tool is, what we call the... Number one, I love the Auction Overlap Tool. So, what Facebook does, it actually shows you if your ad sets are overlapping between other ad sets. And what happens when your ad sets actually overlap between other ad sets, is Facebook will actually turn off that specific ad set, when it comes to bidding for that particular audience, and actually go with the one audience that's converting better. So, if you have a lotta audience overlap between different ad sets, obviously your reach is gonna be hampered a lot because Facebook is automatically turning on and off audiences based on the overlap.

01:26 SA: Yeah, for me, the real value is having somewhere to look when I'm thinking, "Crap, like, what the heck is going on with my campaigns. Why is this not working? Why is this not delivering?" Now, you get some insight into what's going on.

01:39 SW: Yep. And also, you can see the audience saturation, which is another really cool tool. So, you could see your first ad impression rate inside of your audiences. So what I always wanna understand, is how many of the people that I'm targeting, is this their first ad impression of viewing a particular ad, or what percentage of these people, beyond just looking at a frequency, what is the average percentage of people that have seen my ad, in a particular audience set? So you can actually see the delivery insights into that as well, which I think is really, really important. Because, then you can really kinda use that as a predictive model to predict when your ad set is gonna stop converting.

02:16 SA: Yeah. Super, super valuable. So, Steve, talk to me a little bit about... We talked a little bit about how we're using it at the agency. What are your recommendations for, maybe somebody who is not a super advanced Facebook marketer. How are they gonna best utilize this tool? Where should they be looking? And what's the most important information they should look to get out of this?

02:36 SW: You always wanna focus most of your marketing campaigns 99% of the time, in generating new user acquisitions. So, you really wanna be very observant and very keen, on what percentage of your ads are reaching new audience members. So, I think, the biggest value that you can use the Delivery Insights Tool to see, from a deeper frequency perspective, how much you're reaching new people. What is your first impression rate? Just looking at the data on how much new audiences you're targeting, and just really understand, how inside those specific audiences, how many of these people are new people. Really honing in on that, 'cause I think most of the partners that we work with rely on us for new customer acquisitions. So, I'm always trying to figure out how to leverage Delivery Insights, to better give us the unfair advantage to acquire new users and scale.

03:25 SA: Yeah, I think another thing that's pretty valuable, if you're more on, I don't wanna say beginner's side, but you're just getting started with Facebook ads, all the way up to maybe intermediate. Looking at this data, especially if you spend a little bit of money, you start to understand kind of how delivery really works. Obviously that's the whole point of something called Delivery Insights, but, when you learn about how delivery works on the platform, through the auction, using the algorithm, you start to get an understanding of, "Okay, this is how this is all working. Now I know what levers are being pushed and pulled." It gives you better insight, not only just through pure data, but what's working in a specific campaign. It gives you better planning abilities. You understand the process better.

04:08 SW: The auction is a very complicated animal. Facebook made the auction have unlimited variables and really, there's nothing that's similar. I always say that, how your campaigns reacted three to six months ago, the historical significance really has no historical significance on what the future holds. And that's both the cool part about Facebook, as well as the scary part about Facebook is, the auction is an animal that is very hard to conquer, and you really have to focus on your core message. That's the key. If you try and game the auction, you're not gonna win on Facebook. But having a basic understanding of the auction, will allow you to have an increased amount of success and really build on that.

04:56 SA: It makes a lotta sense. Steve, any kinda lasting thoughts for Delivery Insights, and how people should use them? It's pretty straight forward tool in terms of the value it can provide.

05:08 SW: I think you need 500 plus impressions on a particular ad set. I just think it's based on impressions. But usually it pops up on the ad set level, so you can click on it. It's just another tool in your toolkit, obviously. Beyond just optimizing your website funnel, optimizing your audience segmentation, just seeing how the auction is actually delivering your ad, I think, is key to really understanding how users are reacting to your ad. So, in essence building a custom experience for that user. So, I think it's just another tool in the toolbox, but it's something that we're really starting to leverage, and starting to really hone in on.

05:46 SA: Yeah, sounds great. Anything else?

05:48 SW: That'll be it.

05:49 SA: Well, this has been another episode of the Spend $10K A Day Podcast. Today's episode of course was about Facebook Delivery Insights, a great tool for you to use, to better understand what's going on in your campaigns, and how your ads are being delivered. We're gonna be back again soon with more great content. We'll see you very shortly.

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