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Instagram Engagement Audiences

Facebook just launched audience targeting based on Instagram engagement so now you can retarget potential customers who interact with your Instagram account.

Episode Transcript — Instagram Engagement Audiences

00:02 Announcer: You're listening to the Spend $10K a Day Podcast, brought to you by the performance marketing experts at MuteSix. This is your source for cutting edge insight into the world of online advertising from the team with more Facebook case studies in 2016 than any other agency on the planet. Here are your hosts, Steve Weiss and Stewart Anderson.[music]

00:25 Stewart Anderson: Welcome back to the Spend $10K a Day Podcast. I'm Stewart Anderson. Steve Weiss is with me as always. Today, we're talking Instagram engagement audiences, an exciting new feature to your Facebook ad campaigns. Steve, talk to me about this awesome new feature.

00:43 Steve Weiss: Obviously, there's a lot of brands out there that generate an insane amount of engagement on Instagram. They're always like, "How do I monetize this engagement? How do I use this to build better audiences on Facebook and leverage Facebook ads?" Facebook came out with a pretty cool feature, Facebook and Instagram should I say, that allows you to create custom audiences around your engagers on Instagram. This is particularly good for brands that target the younger demographic. Obviously, Instagram tends to sway a little bit younger. This is really good for those types of brands that really wanna build intelligent audiences around the younger demographic. How it works is you have the opportunity inside the Power Editor to build an audience around engagers on Instagram. Then obviously out of that audience, you could build a lookalike, lookalike 1%, lookalike 10% around the Instagram engager audiences.

01:40 SA: Yeah. It's extremely exciting. So, who are the best fits for this type of audience? Fashion brands are the ones that really leapt out to me. I think they're the ones that can make best use of it. Are there any other types of companies that you think are a really, really good fit for this?

01:56 SW: Well it's really interesting, there's a lot of brands that own large Facebook and large Instagram accounts. And they have all this data that they start monetizing. So I have close friends of mine and their whole business model is building large Instagram accounts through exchanging posts, through buying posts on big Instagram accounts. So finally now, you could leverage all the work that you've done in building large Instagram accounts to leverage in paid acquisition. And I think this is huge, because it kinda merging of the two. A lot of big brands have been built on influencer, literally. And now, Instagram is obviously self-destructing when it comes to organic reach on Instagram. You're gonna see very soon that your organic reach is gonna go down and down. So, this is a new tool that allows Instagram advertisers and Instagram page-owners the ability to intelligently create audiences based off of their following.

02:53 SA: Yeah. It's really, as you said, a necessity given the changes, just like Facebook went through a few years ago. The decline of organic reach for accounts. People need more tools to reach people and this sounds like a really, really good one. Obviously, people who are really heavily engaged with your account, your page, they're probably gonna be likely buyers, especially if you're gonna be selling products.

03:16 SW: Yup, totally. And another thing that I mentioned a while back in one of my talks was making your content that you produce for Facebook ads look similar or blend into the content that you produce on Facebook or Instagram. So if you're running Instagram, let's talk Instagram ads for a second. If you have a page on Instagram, you're already producing a lot of great content for your brand. It's very important to align your organic content strategy with your paid strategy when it comes to content creation. So you really wanna focus on making the video, the direct response videos look similar to the content you're already creating on Instagram. And I feel like a lot of brands, they just throw, close their eyes and create videos hoping to drive acquisition when it's really important to really make sure that that looks similar to the content you're already creating.

04:09 SA: Yeah. So, let's talk strategically about how somebody who's running Facebook ads would use these audiences. Obviously, there's a lot of audience options to choose from. And that's before you even get into making lookalikes off of audiences. Let's say that I'm running a store and I have a strong presence on Facebook, I have a strong presence on Instagram. These Instagram engagement audiences, where am I prioritizing that when I'm testing out new audiences?

04:35 SW: Well, number one, if you wanna reach new users, you might wanna exclude all the people who've engaged already on Instagram.

04:44 SA: That's a very good point.

04:45 SW: So remember, you can't really exclude before this, people who are already engaged on Instagram.

04:51 SA: Excellent point, excellent point.

04:53 SW: 'Cause remember, we all wanna do new acquisitions. It's always new acquisitions, new acquisitions, new acquisitions. So number one, exclude everyone who's engaged in my page forever. Number two, maybe you wanna start using this data to build lookalikes off of. Maybe you wanna split test lookalikes of Instagram data versus lookalikes off of your Facebook data. You wanna see what's more valuable when you're creating organic content, your Facebook fanpage or your Instagram page when it comes to direct response. So maybe you run a split test of your lookalikes of your engagements versus your lookalikes of your Facebook fanpages. And then you obviously do your exclusion and you run it and you see which types of audiences get a higher conversion rate.

05:37 SA: That's an excellent strategy. Yeah. There's just so many opportunities with this, given the growth of Instagram and how well-suited it is for so many of these e-commerce companies out there.

05:50 SW: Instagram is growing and I think companies are starting to see that, you can't sell the same way you sell on Facebook that you sell on Instagram. You have to really put the time and the effort to creating native content for Instagram and I think these tools at Facebook is starting to give you... Very soon you're gonna have, obviously shoppable Instagram is gonna be out to everyone very soon, so every product uploaded could be matched to a product feed, that's really awesome. The team at Instagram is really doing an amazing job of continuously iterating and iterating, making the experience of marketing your business even that much easier.

06:26 SA: Yeah. So what would your top three tips be for somebody who is looking to make best use of these new Instagram engagement audiences? What are the three most important things that somebody should run on?

06:39 SW: Number one, new acquisition campaigns you run exclude your Instagram engagers. Number two, do lookalikes off them and maybe split test them against your Facebook engager audiences to see how you should do your content strategy, should be more focused on Instagram and Facebook. Number three, run general lookalike campaigns and also number four, run specific discounts to people who've engaged on Instagram.

07:05 SA: I love that. Any other tips for people looking to jump head first into Instagram engagement audiences?

07:11 SW: Q4 is coming around, highly recommend to start testing it out now before prices on the auction skyrocket. So jumping on this really quickly would probably be advantageous for you because very soon the auction's gonna get crazy, so I'd say, and I hate to say that because I tell everyone that, but start doing your testing now so you're prepared for Q4.

07:35 SA: Yeah, you don't wanna be testing in November. [chuckle]

07:38 SW: No one wants to test in November.

07:39 SA: Awesome, awesome. Well yeah, this has been a primer on one of Facebook's newer features in their ads platform, the new Instagram engagement audiences. If you have any questions about it, you can email me or Steve, that's Stewart, or Steve,, we'll be happy to answer any of the questions you have about Instagram

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