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Instagram E-commerce

Instagram is a MUST for ecommerce businesses doing any online marketing. In this episode, we discuss important Instagram ecommerce marketing features.

Episode Transcript — Instagram Ecommerce

00:01 Stewart Anderson: Hey there everybody, welcome back to the Spend $10K a Day podcast. As always I'm the chief marketing officer here at MuteSix, Stewart Anderson, and with me today, my good buddy Steve Weiss.

00:12 Steve Weiss: Hey everyone. Happy Thursday.

00:16 SA: Today, we are going to be talking about Instagram ecommerce, different tactics you can take to help sell more products using your Instagram account and Instagram ads. So, Steve, lot of innovation going on in the Instagram side, obviously it's a big, big area of focus for Facebook.

00:35 SW: Yup. And what Instagram really is, it's the advertisers way of reaching the younger demographic on Facebook. A lot of the younger people ages 16 to 25, they're not on Facebook. Facebook actually cannot reach those people unless you're targeting Instagram ads. So it's really important to know that that's the main reason why Instagram advertising is a lot more expensive from a paid social site than Facebook. And Facebook's really innovating right now making filming tools for advertisers on Instagram. They launched Instagram about one and a half to two years ago, right?

01:13 SA: Yeah, I think the ad products were about a year and a half ago or so.

01:16 SW: Yup. So, a lot of advertisers are taking advantage of... We had a couple of really awesome case studies that Facebook did on our work. But I think that now Facebook is really seeing that Instagram ecommerce is the next frontier and they need to build tools for direct response advertisers on Instagram. It's really interesting, and me and Stewart are excited about is 'taggable products'. This is a brand new feature that Facebook is rolling out on Instagram. Stewart, tell 'em a little about what taggable products is.

01:45 SA: Yes, it's still early days. So basically during the... Like kinda beta-testing with it, they have, I think less than 20 brands have access to it right now, but what you can basically do is... Let's say, you have a picture on your Instagram account that has some of your products in it. You can actually tag the products, so that if somebody taps on a shirt or a purse or something like that in the image, they can click through to an actual link directly to buy and it all happens within the app. It's pretty great.

02:17 SA: Yeah, that's pretty amazing, 'cause right now people just post, or brands post images to Instagram but they can't actually turn those images they post into actual links, unless they're running a paid acquisition campaign.

02:31 SA: Yes. It helps... It's a much better funnel what's there right now, 'cause usually if you're on Instagram, it's really hard to get links there and in an intelligent way. You have to tell people what the product is that's actually in the shot. 'Cause that's one of the things, if somebody wants to make a purchase, when they see something on Instagram, their first reaction is like, "Oh, shit. What's that one item in that picture?" And there could be four. It's like here now, you don't have to worry about stuff and links or things like that. You have the ability to actually tag the products and make it easy for somebody to actually find them on your store.

03:01 SW: So, taggable products is not out yet. Obviously, Facebook, it is rolling out slowly. For those people who obviously don't have access to the taggable products, now, we're gonna talk a little more about some of the tools you can use right now to actually start generate ROI on Instagram. And one of those is, Instagram Dynamic Product Ads.

03:22 SA: Yeah, DPA. It's something that we've been using extensively both on Facebook and Instagram to great effects. If you're not doing this and you have an ecommerce site... I don't know what to tell you, man. You have to do it. It's great for boosting volume and lowering your CPA. It's got that magic combination, the results we've seen have been pretty off the charts.

03:47 SW: We're gonna have another podcast just dynamic product ads. What dynamic products ads are is the act of you uploading your full product catalogue into Facebook and telling Facebook that all the users who visit these specific products are then gonna get re-marketed very intelligently using Facebook's algorithm, the product they're most likely to purchase based on their prior browsing behavior.

04:09 SA: Yeah, and what's great about it is, as the name applies they're dynamic ads too. So before if you wanted to a remarketing campaign for a specific product, you'd have to create a different campaign for every URL, set all the parameters and do that. Here, you upload your catalogue, you set the criteria, and it's like merge tags. You're setting conditions, so it's like person views the page of product X, send them again, send them back to product X. Similarly you can also do cross-sells and upsells, so if somebody buys a blanket and you wanna sell them pillows, you can easily set that up based on the criteria that you set. There's obviously ways you can tweak and adjust it but... Just the simple remarketing stuff, where it's just like, "Hey, somebody went to this page they didn't buy, send them that automated retargeting app." You're gonna improve your results.

05:05 SW: So another thing that is besides dynamic product ads which is just a no-brainer, that works really well is cross device remarketing on Instagram. I don't know if a lot of people know this, but you can actually set up a remarketing audience based on a UTM parameter, which is really interesting. So let's say, we usually do is, we wanna use Instagram so we call the top of the funnel. First thing they'd see, they hear about us is coming from a really cool Instagram image, so what we'll do is we'll create an ad on Instagram, with a set of UTM parameters. Then we'll re-market to all the people who click on that link on Facebook. So they're coming in from Instagram and then being re-marketed cross platform on Facebook.

05:47 SA: Yeah, it's just one of those tools of trade that we got that... The other thing as well with the UTM retargeting, just quick as storyboarding; especially when you're doing cross-device. It's really great to storyboard out your ads, and know, hey, if somebody came in from this campaign with these parameters, knowing the next app they're gonna see ideally, really helpful. And especially, if you're advertising on Instagram, chances are you're a very visual brand. It could be clothing and things like that. That's where storyboarding comes in really, really important.

06:21 SW: And the last one is Instagram video ads, which are really, really hot right now. Instagram prioritizes video on their newsfeed, just as Facebook does, so I would highly recommend creating videos specifically for Instagram.

06:34 SA: Definitely.

06:35 SW: So just to recap real quick, coming up on the horizon, taggable products on Instagram. Three things that you should be doing right now for Instagram ecommerce. Number one: Dynamic product ads. Number two: Cross-platform remarketing, and, number three: Video ads specifically built for Instagram.

06:57 SA: Yeah, definitely. I think all those things are things that ecommerce companies really need to take a look at and start implementing. Instagram's a channel that's only gonna get more attention from Facebook from a product development standpoint. I don't know about you, Steve, but I'm really excited to see what they come out with in 2017 on Instagram.

07:15 SW: Yeah, Instagram is the platform that's evolving at the quickest, both on a user side, as well as an advertising side. I'd really keep watching what's going on at Instagram. Because if you're not evolving at the speed that Facebook and Instagram is, then you're falling behind. So keep listening to our podcasts if you can 'cause every new thing that comes out, we're gonna be talking about. Literally. Our job is to stay on top of every new development in the advertising technology space.

07:42 SA: Yeah, absolutely. I can't wait for their next feature. We'll do a complete run through as soon as we can. If you have any questions about running Instagram ecommerce campaigns or just general marketing strategy on Instagram, you can always email us. We'll take care of any questions that you have.

08:02 SW: And my email, you can email me directly if you have any type of feedback, questions. I just want you to make sure you get the most value out of our podcast: Steve, Alright, guys, thanks so much, and have an awesome rest of your day. Thank you.

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