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The Mutesix Spend $10K a Day Digital Marketing Podcast

Focusing on Facebook ads, ecommerce and customer acquisition, Spend $10K a Day is the #1 podcast for performance marketing.

Wondering how to scale spend on Facebook while keeping CPAs low? If so, the "Spend $10K a Day" digital marketing podcast is for you.

As a leading Facebook marketing company and Premier Google Partner, MuteSix is trusted by dozens of companies to manage large advertising budgets focusing on one objective: getting conversions below target cost. 

In this digital marketing podcast, our online advertising experts discuss tactics you can use to grow your business through profitable campaigns. Our team has used these strategies to take one startup from launch to acquisition in less than a year and grew another startup’s budget from $30/day to $3,000/day…without any outside funding. 

We’ll also talk about the latest news on the Facebook and Google advertising platforms. We get early information about new programs and early access to beta programs through our close relationships with these advertising platforms. As soon as we can talk about a new ad unit or format, you’ll get our take on how to best use it.

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About the Hosts

Spend 10K a Day's hosts bring over 25 years of combined online marketing experience with a focus on growing ecommerce brands.

Steve Weiss

Steve Weiss

Steve built his first online business into a profitable seven-figure business at the age of 15, and has been an early adopter on both Google Adwords and Facebook.

Steve runs leading Facebook advertising agency MuteSix and speaks often at ecommerce and digital marketing events.


Susana Magarét

Susana is a Facebook Campaign Manager here at MuteSix, as well as, the founder of The FB Ads Summit and the co-founder of Pre-lance™.

Susana helps strategize, execute, and manage a variety of client Facebook ad campaigns from concept to creative to execution to analysis. 

Podcast Episodes

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